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Anne Pankhurst Visits ATA for 10 and Under Training

Anne Pankhurst, a coach education and player development consultant, visited Austin Tennis Academy this past week for a 2-day training session and observation of the coaching staff.
“This training allows ATA coaches to be on the cutting edge of information and education regarding working with our youngest athletes,” ATA CEO Jack Newman said.”
Coach Pankhurst, a world expert in 10 and under tennis, has served as the Lawn Tennis Association Coach Education Director, the United States Tennis Association Manager of Coach Education, as well as an Education Consultant to the Professional Tennis Registry.
“Coach Anne Pankhurst is an expert on training younger players,” Coach Newman said. “We bring her to ATA from time to time, to spend time with our coaches, refreshing their knowledge about how to work with our youngest athletes.”


Over the 2-day visit, Coach Pankhurst observed and participated in all tennis programs. She met with the staff each day in to discuss the proper methods for developing 10 and under players as well as the most effective ways to utilize QuickStart equipment.
“10 and under tennis is about setting foundations such that when the child is 12 and 13, we don’t have to make adjustments,” Coach Pankhurst told the coaches.
Coach Pankhurst emphasized throughout the training that if 10 and under players are provided with a proper foundation by effectively utilizing the smaller racquets, nets, courts and lower compression balls, coaching will be about step by step development rather than change.

“Coach Pankhurst did a great job of meeting with our coaches for training both in the classroom and on the court, helping them increase their knowledge and refresh their knowledge about working with younger players,” Coach Newman said.